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Welcome To Learners Academia

It’s an One to One Online Tutoring platform that caters to learning need of the students. We help students around the world to achieve academic success with our multi-dimensional, Customized and affordable tutoring services.

All our sessions are conducted by experts in online teaching through variety of audio and video aids (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet). Through us you will have the opportunity to interact with mentors from all over the world.

One to One Tutoring and Customized learning is something that we put our core focus into. All our Training sessions are conducted one to one with students so that they learn what they want and at the speed they are comfortable with. Regular Test and assessments are conducted so as to track student learning. Parents are being constantly informed regarding learning pattern and performance in regular Test

Currently we are offering our Tutoring service in below countries.

  • Australia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • India

Why Parents Trust Us

Curriculum Based Learning

We Teach our student as per their Country / state based curricullum. Individual board requirements are given due consideration while working our learning plans for students.

Australia – We follow NSW/ Victoria/ Queensland curriculum.

UK – We follow GCSC while teaching students from UK

Experienced Tutors

All our Tutors are well qualified and experienced tutors in the world of Online Tutoring. They help you provide active learning, personalized Tutoring and mutual understanding in each of their lessons.

Customized Learning Plan

Individual Learning Plans as per the need of student has been the core of our Teaching style. We adapt our teaching to the pace and style of each and every single student.

Result Oriented

Since we Teach one to one and as per the exact need of the student that goes along with Quality Teaching, we are able to deliver good result on consistent basis.


We do offer lot of flexibility to Parents in terms of scheduling Tutoring sessions at day and time convenient to them. Sessions can also be rescheduled or cancelled at ease by dropping a simple message or call.

Cost Effective

Our Tutoring sessions are quiet cost effective. You only pay for the sessions that you attend without any monthly or annual commitment.